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The purpose of a Synthesis Project is to not only to attempt to summarize the course topics/themes from the semester, but to also apply them to your own interests. This is a creative writing project and you get to determine the story, the characters, and the outcome of the tale.


You have freedom in whether you would like to create your own fairytale or write a retelling of a classic fairytale. You must also write 2-3 page Reflection explaining your process, how you engaged with the course themes and texts, and your overall thoughts on the class/project.


  • Include a new fairy tale or retelling that is:
    • Between 500-4,000 words or 3-10 pages
    • Has at least two characters
    • Utilizes some dialogue between characters
    • Presents a clear moral that can be detected by the reader
    • Has a clear rising action, falling action, exposition and resolution
  • Your project must be demonstrative of tales that we have read this semester.
  • Your project must come into conversation/reflect upon AT LEAST ONE text that we discussed/read. What I mean by this is that
  • Include a 2-3 page Reflection on your project that addresses the following:
    • A summary of your project (what is it, how did you did it, etc.)
    • What texts and themes inspired your project, and how did you represent them in your project?
    • How does your project engage in a conversation with our course material or how are the themes and morals in your story similar to other texts that we read?
    • Why and how did you choose to pursue your idea?
    • An analysis of your project
    • Identify three ways you have grown over the semester
      • What have you stopped doing from project 1 to project 4
      • What have you started doing from project 1 to project 4

Essay 4: Creative Reflection essay rubric


Formatted according to MLA essay style and includes a Works Cited page for the texts that were used.

Is at least 2 pages in length

Begins by introducing the project, texts, themes, and context surrounding the piece to an audience who is not familiar with the work

Includes a detailed and objective summary of the project

Transitions smoothly from summary to analysis

Why did you choose to do this project? What are the benefits of presenting the story in this way?

Comes into conversation with 2 themes from the stories

Comes into conversation with 1 text from the class

Identifies three ways you have grown over the semester

State one change you would make to the course

Overall Score:

Essay 4: Creative Writing essay rubric


Formatted according to MLA, is between 500-4,000 words, and has a creative title

Has a clear plot and moral that can be detected

Includes at least 2 characters

Utilizes dialogue between characters

Includes clear rising action, falling action, exposition and resolution

Uses traditional fairytale elements or tropes

Has few grammatical and spelling errors

IF at Retelling: Has significantly changed a key aspect of the traditional story and presented it in a new and innovative way/new perspective.

IF a New Story: Has well developed characters and a clear order of events in the story

Overall Score:

Creative Synthesis |
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