The main goal of any company is to make money. This makes positions in corporate finance some of the most important that any company can have. The term “corporate finance” includes a variety of careers within a single organization. Getting started in one of these positions sometimes takes years of higher education, but some can be obtained by simply beginning in an entry-level position. Through hard work and dedication, a person can gain promotions that advance their career to higher levels.

One example of a career path in finance is as a credit manager. These individuals determine how much credit to supply customers or suppliers and handle all other aspects regarding credit. People in this position have the authority to determine whether giving credit to others outside the company will be profitable and safe for the business in the long-term.

Another career path is that of a financial analyst. Financial analysts are the backbone of the corporate finance world. They deal directly with making sure that a company stays profitable by examining all financial records. They work to project the financial impacts of decisions and work towards reducing the risk that a company incurs when dealing with suppliers and customers.

Benefit officers are also an important part of the financial world. They handle employee benefits, such as health and 401(k) plans. They are the determining factor when it comes time to decide what benefits a company will offer its employees. They are required to try and get the employees the best possible benefits without harming the company financially.

A position of a controller is crucial within a company in corporate finance. These individuals work in accounting, financial reporting, cost analysis, and financial planning. These people are trusted with the financial stability of the company in both the present and the future. People who hold this position often have years of accounting experience and have proven they can keep a company financially sound.

The average day for someone working one of these fields can take on a variety of forms. Some will work within an office, mainly handling paperwork and budgeting, while others may travel the country handling different parts of the business. These positions will often require a strong ability to convey information to a variety of individuals.

Any person working with the finances of a corporation will have a variety of tasks laid at their feet. They will not only need to have strong financial and analytical skills, but also be able to effectively interact with employees, managers, bankers, and other companies. People working in this field will be the first line of defence against the financial ruin that can be the end to any company’s existence.



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