Final Exam
Bio 101Lawrence TorresName: ____________________1. Compare and contrast Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cell. Provide examples of each cell and include cell structure for both cells.2. Compare and contrast mitosis and meiosis. This includes a description of each phase and an explanation of what could happen when the processes does not go as planned.3. Describe the idea of dominant and recessive alleles (genes). Explain how Gregor Mendel’s experiments influenced the foundations of genetics.4. What is evolution? Include the person responsible for this idea along with why evolution is so important. Summarize how the theory of evolution was developed. Identify common misconceptions about the theory of evolution. Finally, what ensure evolution will take place.5. Describe the idea of hierarchical organization of animals (cell to organism). Make sure to describe the process associated with each increment (Give Examples). Explain the importance of biodiversity.6. Explain how organisms evolved physiologically to become suited to their environment. Identify the structures and functions of the main organs in animals.7. What is Ecology? Why is Ecology so important for species survival? Give specific examples.8. Describe how the interaction of biotic and abiotic environmental components affect population growth and regulation. Analyze the effects of human activities on ecosystems and the biosphere. Describe the flow of energy and materials in an ecosystem.
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