CIVL6603 Module 1 Key Aspects of Benzene Life Cycle Assignment

The objective of the Occurrence section of your term project is to gather information on how the contaminant (Benzene} is generated, transported, used, and disposed. You will need to find information spanning across the entire life cycle of your contaminant, including: production (manufacturing practices and amounts), commercial distribution practices (transportation, distribution), consumption (individual, institutional etc.), and end-of-life disposal (regulated and unregulated).

You will also need to collect information about the local, regional, and global occurrence data including background values in the various environmental media (contaminant concentrations in air, water soil).

Use this journal to reflect on key aspects of the contaminant’s life cycle. In an approximately 250-word entry, respond to the following:

  1. Based on data collected, prepare a life-cycle block diagram outlining global flows of your contaminant throughout the various stages of its lifecycle Generation>Commercial Practices>Consumption/Use>Disposal.
  2. Comment on issues related to resource consumption (renewable and non-renewable resources including minerals, water and energy).
  3. Comment on possible less toxic/more environment friendly alternatives.
  4. Comment on data sources, availability, quality, and reliability.

Attached within is the my group members discussion post

CIVL6603 Module 1 Key Aspects of Benzene Life Cycle Assignment
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