Citc09 assignment

Write an essay of about 1500 words answering ONE of the four questions listed below. This assignment is not calling for a full-on research essay. It simply offers an opportunity to show, in properly written form, how much you have learned from the course materials about these four founding concepts in planning history. The lectures and assigned readings which are not listed here should be sufficient to answer any of these questions adequately. For those who wish to go a little deeper and gain a better understanding, additional readings are suggested. But there is certainly no need to go beyond these one or two additional readings.
  Essays are to be in conventional academic form: double-spaced, standard font, ample margins, and a title page with the student’s name and the essay title. There is no need for a bibliography since the readings are prescribed, but specific points or direct quotations taken from the source material should be cited by in-text references with page numbers.
Be sure to:
  Above all, answer your question, all parts of it.
Use as much course material (lectures and readings) pertaining to your question as you can
Remember that details matter and almost always make an essay stronger.
  Question:What, in some detail, did Ebenezer Howard envision for his Garden City? What were his overall objectives with this undertaking?
The assigned reading is just two chapters of Howards book, but a digitized version of the entire book is available through the UTL catalogue
Peter Halls book Cities of Tomorrow, excerpted for Week Nine, has an excellent chapter on the Garden City; the UTL has no e-book but has numerous hard copies, in various libraries; past editions are fine


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