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Jimmy is an Assistant Front Office Manager at a large downtown hotel. His boss Becky is currently looking for a night auditor to fill a vacant position. An older lady, Dianne, came in yesterday and applied for the position. Dianne is the most qualified person to apply for the position. Becky had Jimmy interview all the potential employees for the position. Jimmy told Becky that he thought that Dianne was the most qualified and would fit into the front office perfectly. Becky told Jimmy that she was thinking of not hiring Dianne because she would be working alone at night and Becky didn’t think that a woman should be working at the front disk in the middle of the night alone. Becky also told Jimmy that she thought that Dianne is too old to be working the night audit position.


1. What type(s) of discrimination happened in this situation?

2. What should Jimmy do? Should he talk to Becky about the situation?

3. What do you think the General Manager should do if he or she found out about the situation happening?

4. How could a manager or member of the HR team help facilitate diversity in a workplace?

5. What does stereotyping mean to you? How could you prevent this becoming a potential issue in the workplace?


  • Please write your response as a Word document with basic APA formatting present (headers, page numbers, font, spacing, and in-text citations with reference list). Upload the completed document for grading.
  • Your responses should not be framed as “I believe, I feel, I think…” You are expected to use at least two to three outside resources to develop and support your answers.
  • Answer questions in a numbered list so I’m not left to guess which questions you’ve answered.
  • There is not a minimum length for your responses but make sure you are properly responding to each question asked fo you.
  • Each question will be worth 8 points and the final 10 points will account for APA formatting and use of outside resources to strengthen your responses.


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case study 1379 – Nursing Paper Help
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