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1. Review the following U.S. Small Business Association (SBA) Website resources:

  • 2. Watch the following YouTube videos:

    3. Review the following Entrepreneur resources:

    4. Watch the following TED talks:

  • Assignment 3: Marketing Plan

    1. Prepare a Marketing Plan that answers that the following pertinent questions:
      • Product Description: What product or service are you going to provide?
      • Marketing Strategy: How will your marketing plan support your business goals?
      • Mission Statement: What are you trying to accomplish, and why?
      • Target Market: Who are you trying to reach with your marketing activities?
      • Competitive Analysis: Who are you up against, and where do you rank?
      • Unique Selling Proposition: What makes your business unique?
      • Pricing Strategy: What will you charge, and why?
      • Promotional Plan: How will you reach your target market?
      • Social Media: How will you employee social media? Provide specific details from the video presentations.
      • Marketing Budget: How much money will you spend, and on what?
      • Action List: What tasks do you need to complete to reach your marketing goals?
      • Metrics: How are you implementing the plan and where can you improve?
    2. The submission should cite at least five sources from the course material and should use APA format. This assignment will require around a 1000 words. Use Word .doc/.docx format.


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building the marketing plan – Nursing Paper Help
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