BSHS 465 WEEK 2- TRANSFORMATIVE LEADERSHIP PART 1Complete  Part I of Stories of Transformative Leadership in the Human Services.
Write  a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that addresses the following:
 Are the staff in this agency self-aware? Why or why not? Provide examples.How do the staff members perceive the work they do? How is this perception affecting their relationship with each other and how might it be harmful to clients? Provide examples.Based on the readings, how would you define personal values? What values do the staff of this agency hold? Are these values a good match for quality human services work? Explain.What belief system or systems do the staff adhere to? What are some beliefs that can be improved on or changed to create a better work experience, while maintaining quality in services delivered?
Format  your paper consistent with APA guidelines


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