book review about baires sarah e land of water city of the dead religion and cahokia s emergence

Us this as a sample…

Source Analysis: attention to author, date, and place of publication; situating the monograph in the appropriate scholarly discipline and subfield; description of topic and temporal scope. 
Argument and Narrative: identify and summarize author’s main argument; make your own argument about the book’s overall quality with a clear analysis about the book’s strengths and weaknesses. 
Historiography: attention to how the author places the book in conversation with other books published in an academic discipline or subfield; how the author’s arguments and evidence challenge or add to existing historical knowledge about your city; how other scholars evaluated the quality of the book. 
Historical Knowledge: Summary and analysis of author’s key findings. 
Communication: attention to the clarity and quality of the writing, with an emphasis on clear topic sentences, focused paragraphs, and error-free spelling and grammar. 

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