anthropology writing project

This is our second progress paper. This progress paper should focus on your final Energy Balance project outline, and illustrate that some research and drafting is being made. This paper is due online this Friday (November 9th, Week 7), by 11:59 PM, Pacific Time.

Your second progress paper should be 2 full pages in length, and this should only be an outline with bullet points. You do not need to start writing, but you need to demonstrate that you are outlining your project.

For the Energy Balance project you need to submit a brief outline that includes an Introduction, Methods and Materials and subpoints, Results and subpoints, Discussion and subpoints, and Conclusion. If you have read all of the information I provided you, you will notice that I have already basically provided an outline for you in the Final Project module files. Therefore, you will also need to illustrate that data has been gathered, which can include tables, graphs, calculations, etc. Again, this only needs to be an outline with bullet points.

You also need to include a reference or literature cited page. Grading will be based on completeness of your outline and demonstration of progress being made towards your final draft, as detailed by the general rubric below.

To help better evaluate your paper, you need to upload your paper as a pdf or word file. Progress papers are worth 10 points total. Late submissions are penalized per day/late. Finally, a general rubric that will be used to grade this second progress paper is as follows:

  • Following outline and format directions:
    • 2 pages. In light of quality, it might be more (2 pts)
    • Includes outline of Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, and Conclusion, with demonstration of data having been or being gathered (4 pts)
    • Includes reference section (2 pts)
  • Illustrates proper organizational skills (2 pts)


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