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Write a 2.5 page response paper (Times Roman script, 12-point font size, double-spaced, 1-inch margins)

analyzing the film ‘The Devil’s Playground’.

1, ‘watch “The Devil’s Playground’. On youtube

describe and explain the role of rumspringa in Amish life.

2,, how can Turner’s ideas of liminality, communitas, rituals of status elevation or status reversal, religions of status reversal or liminoid phenomena be used to understand the film?

Grading (15 points) based on the following:

Your paper is the right length, formatted correctly, spell-checked, and proofread. It has a beginning/introduction with separate paragraphs with their own content (5 points).

You show familiarity with the film/reading and apply concepts/definitions correctly to the material/content of the film/reading (5 points)

This assignment is not a film review so a summary of the movie will not get you full credit. You are mainly using Turner’s concepts. So use the main body of the essay to flesh it out (5 points).

Make sure you follow all require and did it complete by your self. no copy accept . thanks for helping


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analyzing the film 2 – My Nursing Experts
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