analytical paper the lost world of gilded age politcs

1-We have to read the article first then we’ll start writing.
2-There will be 4 questions which we have to answer it on paragraphs.
3-Follow these steps please:
1. Summarize the Article: What is the author discussing in this article? What is the argument/main point that the author is trying to make?
2. Evidence: What type of evidence does the author use to support their argument/main point. What do they use in their bibliography – newspapers, speeches, written histories? Are there any types of evidence you feel the author could have used to reinforce their argument?
3. Analyze the Article: After writing about the main point and type of evidence, answer if you thought the author made a convincing argument? Do you agree or disagree with the conclusions of the article? Why or why not?
4. Further Research: After reviewing your article do a little more research on this topic. Name one or two more articles that address similar subjects and see if they have a similar argument or different? Do they share the same sources?
All essays must be typed in 12 point, Times New Roman font using 1-inch margins. All papers must be double-spaced, grammatically correct, and refer back to the journal article you selected.
Please include a citation of your article at the top of your paper! I will show you how this is done in class.
Each question should be a new heading in the paper. I do not expect a flowing narrative with this assignment. Instead, I want you to simply provide the answers to the questions above in roughly 2-3 paragraphs per question.
You do not need to refer to any class readings or lectures in your answers. Nor should you use Google or Wikipedia in your answers. I only want to see your thoughts on the article you select.
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