Air pollution in south korea

A. Identify an issue (illustrate a research topic by detailing the context and issue of your topic)

B. Clarify a research question

C. Draft an outline (A detailed outline is not required. Five or six lines would be enough like this: 1. Introduction 2. Backgrounds (Context and Issues) 3. Problem Statement and Contribution of this essay 4. Argument and Supporting Data 5. Conclusion with suggestions)

D. Elaborate on the importance of your research question, which clarifies a loophole in the current discussion

E. Include your own argument and thoughts

F. Gather five reliable (or published) sources (e.g., journal articles, book chapters, conference papers, The CONVERSATION website, The MEDIUM website, The OPINION website, news articles, and other sources ) and articulate your research topic by relating collected sources to the topic

G. Conclusion with alternative suggestions (e.g., policies, strategies, initiatives, organizations, etc.)


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